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 Posted: 11-12-2013 04:43 am
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The dimmer switch knob is held on with a sllpriing loaded push up on it and pull (hard) onthe knob and it will come off...when you put it back onn, the knob snaps iniplace. If you put brigter bulbs (Delta) in your gauges you can actually see them at night..but the funky dimmer switch by Lucas is a bummer ( real piece of junk) ..either bypass it, or find one from a Jaguar of the 70's vintage which is an esxact replacement fit. A real rheostat that will outlast your car and probably yoiu, too. Junkyards are cheap for them...Jag dealer will want your first born for this 5 dollar dimmer..
The heater levers will come out if you are careful...and when you pull the whole heater and center console out of the car, you will have one helluva time getting the choke cable snaked back into the engine compartment...I suggest a plastic tube or something following it out when you remove it...then you can push the choke cable in it and back into the engine compartment...