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 Posted: 11-12-2013 01:26 am
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Mine is the 2.2 high compression, 104 cams, Pertronix, adjustable cam pullys....all the good stuff.
And it seems we have had this conversation before.
The below information is from Matt Cooper at the factory.
R5326 carbs. had the following jetting originally:
36mm choke 158 mains
58 idles
60 pumps
7772.8 emulsions
230 airs
7850.9 idle emulsions
They were O.E. on Lotus Talbot 2.2 engines.
The E signifies that it has 6 progression holes, exclusive to Lotus. 
I am getting a build up of black soot at the tailpipe and while the engine sounds great it seems to be down on power.
So with what I have done to my engine, what kind of power should I be seeing at the wheels.
Note the Talbot:
Additional FYI.  The Talbot had these engine specs.  And it makes me wonder how JH managed to get 140 HP out of the 2.0 liter Stromborg set up?
Brand : Talbot
Model : Sunbeam
Version : Lotus
Engine Power : 110 kW (150 PS - 147 hp)
Cylinders : 4 cylinders (Inline configuration)
Volume : 2172 cm3
Fuel supply system : 16 valves
Torque : 203 Nm (4800 RPM)

And a question from me.  Does anybody know what these filters are?

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