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 Posted: 11-11-2013 07:57 pm
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Depends on where the leak is. Since you mention it pools on the drivers side floor I can think of two possibilities.

First, the gasket or fitting for the pump is old and not sealing properly causing a slow leak. This would be the prefer possibility as a new gasket should fix the problem.

The other is a leaky gas tank on the bottom because of rusted pinholes. Which means the floor might need to be repaired also. Only way to tell and properly fix is to take the tank out and visually inspect. If the bottom of the tank isn't too bad it can be repaired by a competent repair shop. They can fix the pinholes and clean the inside.

If the tank was real bad I think you would see more gas pooling in the trunk.

Personally I wouldn't use one of the after market gas tank repair kits.

As for the Jorge's aluminum tanks, I think everyone has been satisfied with the tank itself. The issue has been the gasket he supplies with the tank for the fuel level sender.

I've had to repair one tank because of pinholes but the other two have been fine.