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 Posted: 10-21-2013 08:57 pm
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Slide the pipe onto the stud and look at the alighnment between the water pump and this pipe without any rubber hose in the way.  I placed a washer or two between the block and the tab on the pipe to get the two to be in alignment with eath other.  Then I used perhaps only a 1-1/2" long piece of radiator hose to join them once I had the shimming figured out.  This keeps the flow path nice and stright and helps to get this pipe to clear the cam pulley.  Also these castings are rubbish so take a file and knock down any flash or mismatched ridges that exist were the hose pipe is drawn down onto the casting by the hose clamp.  It seems most of these castings were poured with a fair amount of missalignment when the molds were joined and poured.