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 Posted: 10-17-2013 12:12 pm
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I had 19444 down a couple of years ago for overhaul and did the flywheel in a freinds shop with a 8 inch or so swing lathe.  We removed a lot from the outer edge both front and back and did  a good cut across the surface.  Another freind resurfaced the wheel on a surface machine (transmission shop) . We saved and weighed the shavings which came to over three pounds.  More could have been taken  but I didn't want to take up his whole day.  The balance was not affected and it gained power mostly on the bottom end where it was needed. A lightweight clutch would help further.    I am glad I did the job.    One note  on the machining is to get the flywheel chucked up in the lathe we turned the chuck jaws around so that they would grip outward on the shoulder where the crankshaft attaches. It provided just enough grip area to take small cuts without slipping.

hth Dan