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 Posted: 10-12-2013 09:57 pm
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I had a lot of problems removing the gas tank straps from ye ole Jensen.
Top of the strap is actually a welded nut onto the strap, fed through the rear body panel by a 7/16 bolt. The only way to access it is by removing the rear upholstered quarter panels (above the rear wheel wells) via accompanying trim screws, then using an upholstery tool or bent prybar to wedge the rear upholstery panel from the sides and bottom out of the car.
Voila, the 7/16 bolts are right there and with a little WD40, you can remove the bolts and the straps come free.
One other issue: if you haven't removed the drain plug from the gas tank, it won't pull forward. I believe the size is 13/16.
Best of luck

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