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 Posted: 09-25-2013 07:49 pm
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We drove it around the block three years ago but that's it. The rest of the car was rebuilt but the motor was left untouched other than some cleaning.

After more troubleshooting and compression testing, I found that the cause was a weak spark to that cylinder. The combination of some wearing between the rotor and plug contact on the cap and old wires was causing misfiring and excess fuel buildup in that cylinder.

Thanks for your help, the engine seems to like about 4 1/2 turns out on the idle mixture screw.

One last thing:

The compression test gave the results of 1:120 2:105 3:141 4:115.

I realize with those numbers it will never run great, but is #2 OK for just driving around town and such? Or does the engine need new rings, etc.?