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 Posted: 09-25-2013 08:25 am
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Jensen Healey wrote:
Since Lotus/ Jensen couldn't even tune these carbs properly at the factory your best bet is to use the jetting that works for others with stock engines. Learning to tune Dellortos is a real commitment of both time and money.

I saw a post from one of the old geezers a while back; "we'd given an arm to have the instrumentation available for a few hundred bucks now, back in the seventies." (From memory)

The information on how to do it properly does exist, but it requires a bit of commitment to find it. John Connelly from has written quite a bit that looks reasonable. I believe the key is to understand the function of the emulsion tube and the effect of float level - I still only have a vague idea.

But back to the original matter at hand: did the engine suddenly act up, has it run ok before with the current setup? Did you just mount the carbs, have they been rebuilt? Float levels ok, carb balance ok, brake booster not leaking into #4 runner?

Verify and fix all the basic stuff before you start messing with jets.