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 Posted: 09-20-2013 05:52 am
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Just adding my 2 cents here, but nearly every factory alloy wheel (and all factory steel wheels) I have ever seen has been a hub-centric design using the machined center of the hub to properly center a wheel on an axle. All the wheel studs/bolts are supposed to do is clamp the wheel on to the axle/hub.

Higher end aftermarket wheels (examples; BBS, OZ Racing) do come as a hub-centric design, where as the usual method for lower end to middle market aftermarket wheels have their center bores cut to the largest size hub using a particular bolt circle and depend on the lug-centric centering (examples; American Racing, Enkei). Some brands like MSW could be ordered with nylon spacers to fill the gap between the wheel center hole and the hub to give you a better fit.