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 Posted: 09-11-2013 06:58 pm
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gmgiltd wrote:
Did you go for the Hispec kit? Front setup is excellent but the rears need longer studs and 6mm spacers to clear caliper to rim plus a bit of ingenuity with the handbrake particularly the return mechanism. It's more a track than road system and needs careful set up to work properly.

Yup, bought the Hispec kit.

Spacers and studs will have to be looked into, shouldn't be too hard to source anyway. Caliper-to-rim clearance could possibly be different with different ETs too, so I may not need them. Time will show. As for ingenuity; I am a mechanical engineer by training, I hope I can figure something out!

I would go for hydraulic but it's not allowed for the MOT. You also need to take out the half shafts and make up a spacer to compensate for the brake backplate thickness.
For the FI I have gone for Jenvey 48 bodies and a DCA40s ECU, Pico injectors with Sitec pump and filters. Bit of work to do and still trying to source an Excel air box in good condition.

This thread seems to be warping a bit, but why 48s? Depending on control algorithm (a good MAF implementation is possibly the only way to properly tame ITBs like that) you may have a hard time tuning your installation. Remember that a 40mm throttle body flows a lot more than a 40mm carb!

Have you rung Mike at Lotusbits? He would be the obvious source for an Excel airbox, it is where I got mine.