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 Posted: 09-11-2013 06:52 pm
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I've about given up looking for an Esprit, Excel or Eclat air box. Thinking about a Pipercross. They make a deep variety which should work well with velocity stacks of decent length. Looks like it will mate well to a MAF as well.

Picked up 32 lb (at 2.5 bar) EV6 Roush Ford Raptor take-offs for $50 for 8. They are 'medium' height rather than 'shorts' which I would have preferred but can't beat the price, and the flow rate (at 3 or 4 bar) is in the sweet spot for 200-225 HP which is what I'm hoping for(sea level). Fuel pressure regulator body is from Radium Engineering, takes a standard Volkswagen/Audi pressure regulator. Very cool product, beautifully made.

Getting closer...

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