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 Posted: 09-01-2013 07:43 pm
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I'll see what I think when I get 14539 back on the road here. I went with stuff from a company called Second Skin Audio. Similar to DynaMat but a local company. Covered the whole interior of the body. Trans tunnel got the additional foil back padding. Floor has a thin layer of padding also on just the front sections.

Tires I agree have some contribution to the level of noise. Depends on tire compound and tread. Also the road condition and material plays its part. I could drive on rubberized asphalt and the car was very quiet. Drive on old regular asphalt or concrete and you could tell the difference.

I had the headers ceramic coated and am interested in how much of a difference it will make. Never been a fan of the heat tape stuff.

As for the exhaust system, pretty much most of the current thinking is to use rubber isolation mounts. That's what I have to use here for the new exhaust system.

As for a heat shield, the GT had one mounted under the car where the driver sat. It was mounted to the underside with I believe 6 standoffs. Since the GT is gone I thought I might use it on one of the JHs.

Of course, driving the car at speed with the top down and radio going, I don't think we would hear many other noises other than the engine and wind.