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 Posted: 09-01-2013 08:00 am
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anecdotal experiences of mine...

A friend bought a new pickup and it definitely had the empty oil can sound from the bed until he had the rhino liner stuff sprayed in back there, after that is was quite a bit quieter. depends on your perspective if you consider it a thick or thin coating, looked to be about 1/8 of an inch thick. I wonder if this would work in the trunk or on the floorboards.

The webpage you linked is correct about tire choice in regards to ambient noise level. My daily driver Challenger RT came with 20 inch Goodyears from the factory on it and they have a square block tread design. They are louder than the all season 17 inch tires that were on my 2005 Durango... heck, they're louder than the 31-10.50 all terrain tires that came on my 2000 Dakota 4x4. Back when I worked for a BF Goodrich dealer, the two quietest tire designs we sold were the BFG Touring T/A, and the original Uniroyal Tigerpaw highway tire.

Header wrap tape does a nice job of eliminating under hood heat and noise, but unless you're using it on stainless pipes, any regular steel exhaust tubing will rust faster unless you spend the extra money for the ceramic coated pipes. I have not tried it on aluminized exhaust pipes, so I can't say for sure if header tape makes aluminized pipes rot faster or not.

I haven't crawled underneath mine yet to do a full inspection of the exhaust, but rubber insulated exhaust hangers block a lot of the vibration from the passenger compartment, in comparison to what can be transferred through solid metal exhaust hangers. A raspy exhaust note behind the car is good, buzzy noises in the driver's seat bad...

If you're going to try to build your own heat reflectors for parts of the exhaust system, the question I have is how do you plan to mount the reflectors? A little bit of bead rolling and bends in the proper places will easily eliminate any oil can vibrations from the reflectors, and I assume you'd be going with stainless steel sheet material to get maximum life from them. Would you mount them with stand off tubes and stainless fastening hardware?