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 Posted: 08-27-2013 08:30 pm
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I got the car back together on Saturday and put 40 miles on the Speedometer. Got here up to some where north of 5,000 RPM which if you do the math is 103 MPH at 6,0000 in fourth gear with the 3.75:1 rear end.
But alas the newlwy installed rope seal is amiss and its dripping oil with vigor. I need to replace the CAM seals as well now that it was cleaned up I can see the exhaust side is flinging oil all over the place.

So for the rear main seal problem there are two solutions as I see it. Being as the Mk I and Mk II's share the same crank has any one tried to mount the later rear main seal housing and modern lip seal to the back end of a Mk I block? That's option one. Option two is finding a newer Mk2 block with the updated seal housing and other improvments. Anyone have a lead on a Mk II block that is in need of a rebuild and deviod of any major carnage?

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