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 Posted: 08-27-2013 03:08 pm
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104/107 cams.  I picked the head up off of ebay -- it was advertised as a "Skip Brown clone", and it looks to have been properly ported, i.e. in the right places and with the right geometry.  The valves are slightly oversize.  Intakes are 1.425".  Hopefully the combo will work well. 

So far I've taken the brakes half way.  16P (vs. 14) calipers and a larger booster.  My M/C has started leaking so I'm contemplating what to do next.  Probably a larger piston size.  With the larger booster the increased pedal effort should be acceptable.  At some point I really want to go to a big brake setup and disks in the rear.  But then, I also want to convert my A6 to a manual transmission.  So yeah. Suspension has front and rear bars and Superpros in the back.  When I pull the front subframe to change the engine and trans I'll do the front bushings.  Undecided on dampers.  I like the adjustability of Spax and AVO but the quality scares me (and I'm just not familiar with AVO).  I'm also considering Greg's Bilsteins.

I think I'll use the Dells dry.  Stealth is good but on balance I think a conventional setup is best for me.  I mean, I already have a saw wheel hanging off the front so stealth is a bit out the window.

Thanks for the MS tips. Very useful info!  I polished the trigger wheel serrations - -I had read that roughness or scratches can cause problems.  Good to know that there may be more around the corner.  I'm planning to run a MAF so interesting to know that the code is may not be quite there yet.  I've tuned my A6 to 365 HP (thanks to the very intelligent folks on   ) so yes, I do enjoy that part of it.  As long as it is physically possible to make it work, anyway.

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