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 Posted: 08-19-2013 08:03 am
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I guess this is my introductory post. I'm now the owner of the 1974 #14289, it's still yellow, the interior is somewhere between rough and what in the heck happened to it condition. The strombergs on still on it, the tin for the K&N air filters are in the trunk but the elements are missing. The top needs to be replaced, there is no boot for the top, and the wiring under the dash is hanging down and appears to have encountered Edward Scissorhands at some point.

Mechanically the driveline seems to be okay, but I have no idea how old the timing belt is so I guess that's one of the first things I need to replace after getting a new master cylinder for it. The brake pedal sinks to the floor and there are no visible leaks from the lines or hubs, so my guess is internal corrosion and crud destroyed the rubber cups in the MC.