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 Posted: 03-22-2005 03:38 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Since the ACCESSORY position of the ignition switch is supposed to power only the radio, it's possible that the wires on the harness side of the ignition switch connector, or on both of your ignition switch connectors, might have been swapped around.  Alternately, if the car's infamous seat belt interlock module has been intentionally disabled, there could now be some sort of fault in this area, again involving the ACCESSORY wiring.

I'm unsure why you would have two brown wires running to the starter solenoid.  Normally there should be a very heavy brown wire running trom the alternator's output to the tap on the positive battery cable, two heavy brown wires running from the tap to different pins on the 3-pin power plug in the engine bay, and one thin brown wire running from the solenoid back to the 'sense' pin on the alternator.  However, as you note, as long as each wire runs to one of the proper places, it doesn't make too much difference which one is connected where.

I'd suggest hooking a voltmeter or a trouble light to the activation terminal on the starter solenoid and determining exactly when power appears there.