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 Posted: 08-09-2013 09:38 pm
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This Champion 3 row core radiator was the second thing I got for VIN #11602. The cap will draw coolant back from an overflow tank when the engine has cooled off. The one in the car that it came with did not and the radiator was two row original copper and needed to be re-cored. It had more green patina than black paint for a finish! The Champion at $200 is a great deal. It has a very nice brass drain cock. Solid tabs to mount to the body and very nice welds. I teflon tapped the over flow nipple in the neck of the radiators opening to assure it was water tight. I have repositioned and re-plumbed the overflow tank so that the oil lines clear it and that it sits down as low as I can get it in the engine compartment. Now there is room for a cold air intake above this tank if I find the induction roar of the Webers too much through the pair of K&N filters and trumpets!