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 Posted: 08-09-2013 03:08 am
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VIN#: 11602, Engine: B73 02 1791
Cleaned up the flywheel, clutch-disk and pressure plate yesterday. It was un seated from the flange on the flywheel and the teeth badly burnished and burrs on all the teeth at the tip of the gears edge. The ring gear has been on the flywheel backwards for 40 years. You have to love all the low hanging fruit that is wrong with this car. Two PO's earlier to the chap who sold me the car explained that the car wouldn't start at one point and the garage that serviced the car reset the ring gear on the flywheel. But they never looked to see that the ring gears chamfers were facing the transmission. So I flipped it yesterday by driving it off with a 5 lb. sledge and a 5/8 steel drift. Today I discovered that this seems to have been common. Poor starter motor is a bit worse for it as the bushing in the end of the housing that supports the shaft was half way out of the aluminum casting. I re-set that and tapped a center punch into the aluminum to keep it snug with a bit of fresh grease applied to the shaft. The now outer facing surfaces of the ring gears teeth had to be nocked down with a mill bastard file to remove the sharp edges.