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 Posted: 08-03-2013 02:44 pm
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chrisl wrote:
Oops messed that up
Anyway, GT VIN 30305 is back on the road, now down under.

Engine number is 9938, it was originally sebring silver now a shade of BRG (and which my wife has nicknamed the 'cane toad' - green, imported and costs a lot of money to eradicate problems, or so she reckons!).

It has Dellorto carbs but I think must originally have had Strombergs.

I imported the car from the UK last year after buying it via Tony Marshall formerly of Jensen Motors Ltd.
Looks like it was in storage for some time, the old UK rego was MKP 439P.

It is running well. The body was in good shape, and mechanically it's also sorted - have overhauled  brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust, fitted new tyres, some electrical shorts sorted and a lot of 'while we're at it..' jobs.