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 Posted: 07-29-2013 08:56 pm
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Either the clutch cable is not properly adjusted or the transmissions syncromesh is getting tired on the two gears your having trouble with or the transmission has lost all of its oil and the inner workings are getting thrashed. Or the throughout bearing on the clutch arm is toast and cannot unload the pressure plates steel fingers, or the steel fingers on your pressure plate have yielded due to massive over heating and are now annealed and permanently relaxed (not very likely is this last one unless the pressure plate was made wrong). I'd check the clutch cables free play first and see if the threaded end of the cable is double nutted for a start. If I remember reading the shop manuel correctly the free play should be 0.060". After the first nut is tightened by hand, to draw up against the clutch lever so as to remove any perceptible play, the second nut is brought up to the first nut and set back at this distance from the first nut. Then the first nut is backed off to the second nut and they are tightened against each other i.e jamb nutted together. 60 thousands of an ich is about the thickness of a US penny so if the cable and arm are seeing more than that much space then perhaps you can adjust the slack to bring it back into specification. If it is the cable there are three things that could cause it to change. The nuts were not tight, the jacket has collapsed at some point along the length of the cable or the cable is failing and/or the pivot at the clutch pedal is undergoing massive un-lubricated wear or your throughout bearing is failing but this can usually be heard when you depress the clutch pedal and load it with the pressure plates spring fingers.  Or perhaps the pivot post that the clutch arm pivots on is backing out of the bell housing and if I'm thinking corectly this would move the arm and throughout bearing away from the pressure plates fingers disallowing the clutch to be properly disengaged thus making your shifting difficult from a dead stop.

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