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 Posted: 07-09-2013 09:02 pm
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Well it would seem that this VIN is now mine 11602.

I pulled the transmission last night as it had barely enough oil in it to wet the surface of my drain pan, maybe a quart! 73 Mk 1 here with a rope seal for sure. Bell housing has at least a 1/4 inch thick build up of oil residue all over the entire inside surface. The clutch fork boot is long gone and what is more the bushings which fix the front sub frame to the body are looking quite perished from all the oil residue that has been pressure washed away as of last weekend.

Pressure plate and clutch disk need to be cleaned too and I will need to borrow an input shaft or alignment tool if there is one about in O.C. CA? Or I may just leave the bell housing off and use the transmission to realign it before I snug the pressure plate back on the fly wheel. Thats if the Harbor Freight engine stand doesn't arrive soon to facilitate getting at the rear main I may have to put all back together.

Who around here has the goods on replacing these pesky rope seals. Been on You tube and caught the Aussie piece on Holden V8s which seemed pretty informative. Yet there seems to be a lot of rumor surrounding this piece of the JH puzzle and not a lot of first hand knowledge.

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