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 Posted: 06-26-2013 04:31 am
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Won't matter till next winter when Ms. Jenavieve gets her final body work and paint, but once again I have a question regarding "authentic" vs "what looks good".

I've been looking at pics of various JHs on the Web (including the galleries on the website) and I'm trying to decide if I really like the black rockers.  It appears that the vast majority of JHs do have the blacked out rockers, but I did see a few that were body color.

I assume the black "spray coated" rockers were a factory or at least dealer added feature since there are so many of them.  What's your opinion?  It seems as though a body color rocker would really change the "lines" of the car from an aesthetic standpoint, and I'm not sure if I'll like it as it's an integral part of the "sleekness".  Keep in mind that she's going to be repainted red, same as she is now.

If anyone has decent side view pics handy of a red or light colored such as orange or yellow JH with body colored rockers, I'd like to see them.

I obsess too much about this stuff...