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 Posted: 06-13-2013 03:58 pm
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Yeah, sometimes you just need to vent your frustration and then things magically work out.

About an hour after I posted this, last night I went back out with a blue bottle torch and started heating things up... watched the lead run out nicely. Found a rivet I missed that was covered by the lead (honest mistake) and umm... found three bolts under the trunk lip that I hadn't seen (my bad). Right rear fender is off, front left is off, right front was already off (because it was only half there). All that's left is the left rear fender, which is mostly off but I have to move the car to get at the rest since it's pushed up against the garage wall.

Thanks for putting up with my frustration. Sometimes ranting a little helps. At least I haven't gotten to the "throwing things" stage yet.