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 Posted: 06-12-2013 06:51 pm
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OK, I've had a few days to ponder my long term plans.  As detailed in another thread or two, I have a parts car with 3 of 4 good fenders (and the 4th is actually ok where I need it).  My plan was to remove the fenders from the parts car and swap them onto Ms. Jenavieve, whose fenders are ok other than the usual rust along the rocker/sill.

But.. I am having a bit of a time getting the fenders removed from the parts car.  Lead, spot welds, etc. are making it more difficult than I had hoped.  This doesn't concern me so much as I can just whack the fenders off with my grinder and take part of the parts car body with the fenders as needed, and then work on the removal of the extraneous material once they are off. 

My concern is that I am going to run into the same problem when I start to remove the fenders from Ms. Jenavieve, and I won't have the luxury of being messy about it.

So, in my situation (consider that I am moderately competent, but by no means an expert at body work) I'm wondering if I would be better off just cutting the fender parts out that need to be replaced on Ms. Jenavieve, and basically just patching her up (in effect making "patch panels" from the parts car fenders).  As I said, really the only section that needs to be replaced on each fender is the part which bolts to the sill and a few inches above it.

I'm not as concerned about the sills/rockers and floor pans, since they are for the most part not visible at the attachment points.  Those will be replaced properly. 

Thoughts?  I am torn between the desire to "do it the right way" and not making extra work for myself.