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 Posted: 06-09-2013 04:31 am
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Doing some temporary "for the summer" work, trying to pretty Ms. Jenavieve up for summer so I can participate in a few shows without completely embarrassing myself.  A couple of things:

1.  What color should the lip that attaches across the car under/behind the bumper be?  This is the part that is mounted to the front of each front fender with three bolts on each side, and has the oil cooler attached to it.   This is for a 1974 with metal bumpers, not the 5MPH rubber ones.   I can't even tell what color it was originally, but I'm guessing it should be flat black?   I looked through a bunch of online pictures (it's hard to find one from this angle) and it appears that very few have this part painted body color.

2.  Has anyone had any success cleaning up small dents in the bumper top trim panel (the stainless piece across the top)?  Since I have the bumper off, I was going to remove the panel and try to hammer and dolly them out.  Possible, or am I wasting my time?