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 Posted: 06-06-2013 08:02 pm
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OK. Sorry about the wait, but here's hopefully more information than you need. First of all, the buckle stalk overall measures just over 9 inches from the top of the buckle to the bottom of the lug that attaches to the tunnel.

Now, some pictures. I kept them small here, but under each picture there is a link to an enlargement with much more detail.

The front mounting, near the drivers seat (LHD).

The rear mounting of the belt, drivers side (LHD).

The tunnel mount from the rear, drivers side (LHD).

A closer view of the tunnel mount, drivers side (LHD)

And just in case it helps, my parts car with the interior removed, showing the mounting points of the reel (the squared off area near the front of the wheel well) and the retainer clip the belt slides through (about halfway up the wheel well).

Hope this is helpful.

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