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 Posted: 08-03-2005 08:33 am
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Could we make a short list of cool JH wheels in 15 x 7? i have seen this type of thread so often on the board.. I have also done some research, here is what i found that i thought was interesting for the JH.


Panasport: available through DMS and may be direct.  The wheel: FS 15 x 7. Weight: anyone? Quality: high. Looks: fabulous.

Konig: The wheel: Rewind 15 x 7 also available in silver. Weight: around 13.5 lbs (very light!) Quality: medium to high? Looks: good.

Superlite: The wheel: Classic Range 15 x 7 also available in silver. Weight: 18.87 lbs. Quality: high. Looks: ok/good.

one other unspoken top brand:

Compomotive: The wheel: ML1570 (15 x 7) also available in silver. weight: anyone? Quality: high. Looks: fabulous (see picture attached)

The Konig wheel looks good, is very light but that fact also raises questions regarding quality (strength), but it is also a lot cheaper and that counts too.

The Panasports and the Compomotives both look equally fabulous and are both expensive but top quality.  Anyone has other brands. Please do add weights and/or comments to the list.



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