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 Posted: 05-19-2013 02:35 pm
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My 1974 JH has had an oil leak around the area of the distributor ever since I got it.

When I converted to the crank-fired ignition and got rid of the distributor I thought that would also have a positive effect on the oil leak but in my case that was not true. BTW, the distributor was replaced with a plug and o-ring Lotus designed for just such a situation. I still had the same oil leak after the ignition conversion. So I then tried replacing the gasket behind the oil cooler adapter with a new one from an oil filter. That had no effect on the problem either.
I get a lot of oil on the block up high on the block just where the distributor would be if I had one.Is there some seals or gaskets on the mating surface of the distributor support housing to oil pump assembly I should look at?

Looking for information on where else common oil leaks occur in this area.