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 Posted: 05-14-2013 09:43 pm
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Change of plans (as mentioned in another post). I was checking my eBay account to see if the tach I had ordered had shipped (which it had, and I've received it, and it didn't solve my problem, but that's for another post) and ran across a listing for a 1974 JH parts car. Long story short: it now belongs to me and my son and I will be driving over to Perham, MN to pick it up this weekend.

From the good side.  And....

From the not so good side.

As a result of this unexpected event, I am going to hold off on any more body work on Ms. Jenavieve for the summer, and then re-address it next fall/winter when I can do it right with the donor car.  I haven't actually seen this in person yet, but according to the owner it's in pretty good rust-free condition (other than the obvious damaged/missing parts).   This solves my problem of needing rockers and lower fender repair patches, plus I can use the floorboards and maybe a few other bits. 

The pictures aren't quite correct as he's since removed all of the exterior lights and trim.  And obviously the engine, transmission, interior, dash, etc. are gone as well.  Still lots of good parts there, though.   The plan is to disassemble this as much as I can this summer and dispose of what I don't need, either by finding people who can use the parts or just storing them "just in case" and sending what's left to the recycle bin.

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