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 Posted: 04-28-2013 04:20 pm
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I have digital gauges (tach, speedo, and some others) as a side effect of running the Megasquirt EFI & crank-fired ignition. There is an Android applet called Shadow Dash MS that runs on any Android phone or tablet. Shadow Dash MS pulls data from the Megasquirt ECU (and the internal GPS of the tablet or phone in the case of the speedometer gauge) to display on real time digital gauges. The Android tablet or phone has to support bluetooth as there is a serial to bluetooth adapter that plugs onto the DB9 port of the Megasquirt ECU.

So I have a 10inch tablet mounted in my Jensen-Healey displaying the Shadow Dash MS output.

Look at this youtube video for an example of this same sort of setup running:

Shadow Dash MS Android app in 1968 Chevelle