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 Posted: 04-27-2013 11:48 pm
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Fixing the rocker, or is it rockers, is going to be a pain no matter how you look at it. Once you get the rocker opened up and can get a look inside you'll get a good idea if just welding in the flat piece will work. Based on the picture my initial guess would be no. The bottom of the rocker is probably going to be rusted also. And trying to weld on the rusted area will cause more problems. You might think of calling Delta and see if they have rockers and what the cost would be. You might be able to buy 1 rocker and use it to fix both sides. Of course you could always make your own rocker. It's not that difficult. Just requires a lot of bending and measuring. Spoken from experience.

The bottom front of the rear passenger fender is another piece you can make. I made one for one of my cars. It takes time and patience to get it right. Well, that and having the right tools really helps also. But this piece is easier to do than the rocker in my opinion. The wheel lip is the hardest part.