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 Posted: 04-26-2013 09:13 pm
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Since Joachim updated his project, I guess I should update mine. Decided last night to start hitting Ms. Jenavieve with the grinder. The right side appears to be the worst (from the outside anyway) so that's where I started...

So, the rocker is pretty much Swiss Cheese as I suspected.   This looks to be a nice straight flat piece, guess I'll just cut it out the entire length right under the groove where the red paint ends, and weld in a new piece of metal.

This will be a bit more of a challenge.  I could see that one of the POs had done some Bondo work here.   Started chipping away and pulled out all the old school bodywork: about an inch thick of Bondo backed with some wadded up newspaper and rags.  Not to mention that when I reached through the hole, the rocker has a nice fill of what appears to be very high quality topsoil, nice and moist.   I'll clean that out when I cut the rocker as per the previous picture.  Fun stuff.  Obviously I'll need to weld some new metal in, but shaping it is going to be interesting.  Thinking about doing it as a two piece job, welding a small piece in for the "flange" or "lip" of the wheel well first to connect the flange to the rocker, and then doing the flat piece and mating it to the first one.

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