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 Posted: 04-24-2013 06:31 am
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I finally have my digital gauge package working and a small fuel supply issue ironed out so I have been driving my JH with the Toyota W58 around in North Scottsdale AZ to North Phoenix via the 101 freeway at highway cruising speeds. I have been able to consistently observe some very nice relaxed engine rpms at some elevated highway speeds in comparison to the stock JH four speed transmission. The 101 freeway here in north Phoenix and north Scottsdale is a gently rolling terrain. My car still has the stock 13inch original wheels with some no-name P185/70/R13 tires and the original 3.73 rear diff. With that setup I am seeing the following engine speeds verses highway speeds in fifth gear:

74 - 75 mph  3300RPM

78 - 79 mph  3400rpm

80 - 82 mph  3500rpm