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 Posted: 04-12-2013 06:25 pm
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I confess, I am a lousy Jensen owner.
Now I'm reaping a sad crop of problems by not "putting the JH on ice" properly and draining fluids before it went to sleep for six years.

Fast forward to now:
Water pump leak, pump pulled and being rebuilt as we speak. However, the outlet and inlet ports showed lots of corrosion, the hoses were welded to them. I slit the hoses off and have gotten new replacements, plus have new ports thanks to a generous fellow member here. There's so much corrosion sediment in the coolant still in the block that I figure I'd better clean out the whole system.

I was ready to have the radiator cleaned but now I think I'd better re-install it as-is, then flush the system with cleaner chems, then remove the radiator and send it out for re-coring. I'm probably also going to install a Prestone "Flush & Fill" Tee on the heater hose to facilitate flushing the system easily with clean water.

Does anyone have product recommendations and/or maint tips on how to chemically flush out the entire system?

(I feel a little weird putting a brand-rebuilt water pump on and then running clean-out chems through it, but I have no alternative. Esp. since as I remember, you need to run the engine up to temperature.) Or, should I not install the thermostat and do the clean-out, then install the t-stat?

I throw myself on the mercy of the Jensen community.