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 Posted: 03-27-2013 02:54 pm
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Hi Kurt,

Congratulations.  It seems that you found a damper that works well for you.  I've found that many JH owners do not have the time or mechanical ability to develop solutions as you have done.

Nine years ago when I did the design of my Damper Kit, I tested the Ingalls Stiffy damper # 93130  The damper you reference seems identical and is probably a knock-off from the Stiffy.  I did buy a sample for testing and determined the following:

  -  Price was a bit high at $150 - 175.  If I had found the price to be $75-80 including shipping, I don't think I would have come to a different conclusion.

  -  Re-work of the mounting Brackets was difficult and very costly.  A full high quantity manufacturing run of these parts was not in the cards as total quantity did not seem likely for the future.

  -  It required careful positioning during installation to be certain it was in the "neutral" position.  Ease of installation is a self-imposed requirement for my Kits.

  -  Off neutral it was much stiffer than the design values of the OEM.

  -  Resistance around the neutral position was much too low.  You want the resistance to vary as compression/extension velocity, and not distance from neutral.  Ideal resistance is about 50lb force at compression rate of 2 in/sec.  This keeps the engine movement under control even with minor shaking.

In any case, I'm pleased that you solved your problem with the Honda damper - keep up the good work ! ! !