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 Posted: 03-25-2013 04:33 am
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Another victory. Ms. Jenavieve's headlight switch hasn't worked right since I got her. Same problem as outlined by others on the forum. Contacts were pretty burned up inside and the switch would basically fly apart if you looked at it wrong. Intermittent headlights aren't a good option.

Anyway, was at True Value Hardware this afternoon, of all places, and they had a black rocker switch exactly the same size and style as the factory headlight switch. It's only a single throw, but since I can't imagine when I would want to have just the parking lights on, I spliced the blue and red wires together so that they all come on when the switch is on.

I also bypassed the dash light dimmer, since it has never worked right either. Even at full bright the dash lights aren't exactly what I would call blinding.

$10 and an hour's work. Not too shabby for lights that actually work when you flip the switch. One more thing crossed off the rapidly expanding to do list.