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 Posted: 03-20-2013 09:18 pm
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Hey everyone.  Getting closer to spring here in sunny Wisconsin, which means I'll be wanting to take Ms. Jenavieve out of the garage soon.   Body work ended up not getting done this winter, but all she needs mechanically at this point is brake hoses (been sitting on my workbench since last fall), timing belt (will be ordering this week) and... tires.   The tires that are on her from the PO (Goodyear 205/60R13s) actually have decent tread, but the sidewalls are all cracked.   For all I know they are 20 years old.

Talked to my tire guy and the only thing he can get that will fit the stock wheels is a Kumho 185/70R13:
Anyone have any experience with these?   Just for bombing around the countryside, not racing or anything.