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 Posted: 03-19-2013 11:42 pm
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The Triumph Dolomite Sprint was introduced to rave reviews in 1973 and is claimed to be the "first truly mass produced" multi valve car with over 22,000 units delivered over an 8 year period. A rate of 2500 units per year.
I love their use of the words "truly mass produced", as opposed to "sort of mass produced", or "truly sort of produced but not mass produced".
Obviously the Jensen Healey and Jensen GT with the Lotus 907 was mass produced starting in 1972 with over 10,000 units delivered in 3 years. Over the entire production run the 907 was installed in over 20,000 cars.
Triumph fans are trying to uphold the strange myth by posting on Wikipedia.
Be proud to be the owner of the first mass produced multi valve engine, the Lotus 907!
Kurt Housh