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 Posted: 03-03-2013 09:02 pm
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Jensen Healey wrote:
Sander, these cars are not museum pieces, they are meant to be driven, modified, rebuilt, raced, and ultimately, scrapped.
Whoever has the most fun wins!


There are some people who thrive on having the car as it looked in the showroom the day it rolled into the shop and consider a car an investment - a lot of the classic car mags seem biased to this view.

Then there is the other crowd, the ones that simply can't sit still and have to improve any problem areas as they are discovered. The purpose of a car is to drive, not sit in an air conditioned glass box. A driven car will eventually wind up with improvised solutions, improvements and more or less well thought out replacements for worn out bits when the old ones can't be repaired anymore.

As long as both crowds exist, the car can be seen both on the street and in museums.

Steve: If you do a T9 conversion kit, send me an email. The old 4-speed isn't in better shape than it has to be in...