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 Posted: 01-26-2013 07:58 pm
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The dash cluster (or binacle as the Brits call it) with all four gauges will come out, but it can be difficult if it has not been out recently. On the back of the cluster in the center there is a metal rod that slides within a clip to hold the cluster. After years it gets rusty and prevents cluster from coming out easily. If you can clean and lube the rod from under the dash first it will make it a lot easier. The only other things to remove first are the two screws you see from the front, and the speedo cable. It might just be easier to remove the tach and not the whole cluster.

My car has the Pertronix. The tach works most of the time, but it jumps around a lot. I think I need to get it modified. Thanks for the info on MoMa Instrument Shop. Anyone know of a similar shop up here in the Pacific NW ?