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 Posted: 12-25-2012 04:06 am
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Very simple. Go to:

then scroll down to the bottom third of the page, just past the pictures of the "System Diagram" and "Tuning Software" where you will see some pull down menus to make choices about the options you want to order. The three default choices are "No Hard Rev Limit needed", "Internal 2.5 Bar Manifold Pressure (MAP) Sensor", and "Include Cable (+6.95)". Leave those at the default and then just below that and over on the right there will be a small button that says "Add to Cart". Click that which will take you to the contents of your current shopping cart. You should end up with a total of $168.90 and another button on the right side that says "Checkout". Click that and then follow the directions for "I am a new customer" with a continue button. Fill out all of the stuff on the next page and then again click "Continue" which in theory should take you to the next page where you enter your payment information.