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 Posted: 12-10-2012 04:50 pm
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You made me laugh this morning with your project list. I know you said in no particular order but found it funny you were starting on the small things first and then mentioned spending time with the sander and painting the car. All by April. I hope you have a heated garage.
What don't you like about the paint? What kind of paint is it? Single stage or base coat/clear coat? Maybe some fine sanding and polishing will make it better until you have more time for a complete paint job. Taking a car down to bare metal for a respray is a lot of work and time consuming. Especially to do a good job. Voice of experience speaking here.
Doing the brake work should be a weekend job. Don't forget the rear brake hose and the rear brake cylinders.
Timing belt will probably be the same depending on how much stuff you have to move in order to get the belt off and replace the tensioner bearing.
Delta should have replacement light switches. Could it possibly be a weak ground somewhere?
Does the distributor still use points or has it been upgraded to a Pertronix? If it has a Pertronix there are reports of the tach not working sometimes. I believe there are a few threads here on the board discussing this. One of the solutions is to have the tach rebuilt with modern components to work with the Pertronix.
Do you know when the carbs were last adjusted or rebuilt? Since it seems to occur whenever the car is cold it could be the choke assembly on the front carb needs adjusting, cleaning or rebuilding.
Let us know how it goes.