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 Posted: 12-04-2012 10:07 pm
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roverman wrote: Yes, there are many different, "smart" motors available now, but I wanted a "Hemi Healey". Yes, it's not a "real" Healey as some would say, but it's close enough for me. This engine will be just dumb enough, that I can work on it. This means Megasquirt III contol of ignition and (2) tbi's on an Edelbrock dual plane/quad manifold. Target is 450+ hp. at the wheels. I don't anticipate too much nodding-off, while piloting, in Riverside County. Cheers, roverman.
Mine should be about 100 HP down on yours at the wheels, but even that should keep me on my toes ! Wish I could go Megasquirt or Woolf 3D or similar, but registering anything modified with aftermarket ECUs here is a pain. Gotta do emissions tests etc, even though any pre '78 car is automatically exempt ! Please update progress periodically, I love these sorts of projects.