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 Posted: 12-04-2012 01:03 am
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roverman wrote: Thank you Greg, for letting us discuss engine swaps here. I'm building a 74' Hemi Healey. As many others have mentioned here, this requires a ground-up approach, to execute successfully. The gen III, 6.1L hemi engine weighs 200 lbs additional, over the 907. Carefull component selection and placement, is required to maintain proper vehicle dynamics. The Huffaker fenders allow 5" more track width, much needed. Vette C5 torque tube and Boxster 6 speed , completes the drivetrain. The conceptual, photoshop rendition, is at "BritishV8forum", webbsite in the "Healey" section.  Happy Holidays everyone, roverrman.
Wow, now that IS an adventurous project, but the result will be awesome to drive. I'm not that familiar with American hardware (OK, I know the Boxster box isn't American . . ), but I love the torque tube as a principle. One of my early plans for my own car was Porsche 928S running gear complete, but was put off by a couple of things. A) Auto trans, as manuals are SO rare, and B) the ridiculous price of parts, even old second-hand junk, with Porsche stamped on it. Only advantage was 50:50 weight distribution with the front engine, rear transaxle gearbox and torque tube arrangemant. There would be secondary benefits to chassis rigidity, as most of the torque stress is diverted away from the monocoque, so the car isn't trying to wind itself into a spiral under heavy acceleration . . . However, that plan had to be dumped in favour of the current 1UZ-FE option. Yime will tell if it was the right decision ! Best of luck with your build Roverman, and keep us updated please ! (PS, Where are you based ? )