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 Posted: 11-18-2012 11:20 pm
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Jim Picot


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I'm in the process of pulling down my front suspension, and have noticed a number of metal lock nuts are used - the "split beam" type.

Are these re-usable? If not, are nyloc nuts an adequate replacement? I notice that a lot of suspension upgrade kits for different cars supply nylocs with the mounting bolts, but are these suitable on a road car where they are not likely to be touched for years, as opposed to a race/performance cars where they are removed and replaced (with new) on a regular basis?

And what torque values should I use on nylocs? Are they different to the torques shown in the manual for, I presume, metal lock nuts?

Personally, I'd rather use all-new hardware to go with the all-new everything else (springs/dampers/bushes/ball-joints/re-painted components), but metal-thread lock nuts are hard to get in individual quantities - suppliers (at least here in Australia) only want to sell you packs of 10 or more.

Any thoughts appreciated!