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 Posted: 11-18-2012 05:16 pm
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Jensen Healey

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Hi Steve, This is exactly what happened to me when I installed Dellortos on my JH.

It's those idle jet holders that control running to 3000+ rpm.

The order of idle jets from lean to rich is:  .10 .5 .9 .4 .1 .3 .6 .7 .2 .8  Dumb but true.

You should probably source a set of 4 7850.7. These have 6 air intake holes for excellent atomization.

The .1 and .3 holders are similar and can be drilled to match.  The upper fuel holes are 4 x 1.25 and 4 x 1.3 respectively. Enlarge the upper holes in the 7850.1 to 1.3mm.

The lower holes are the air holes. There one 1.4mm hole on both  the .1 and the .3.

If the car still sputters and hesitates you could solder up this hole and re-drill to 1.3mm.

This is exactly the 7850.6 holder! 4 x 1.3 fuel and one 1.3 air.