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 Posted: 11-18-2012 12:39 am
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Hi Kurt,

It runs again! Last time it was a pig to start, and after rebuilding the carbs again it just started!

I now have all 4 throttle pumps squirting on first movement of throttle,( one was blocked, and one carb the ball bearing valve had stuck open so I only had one before ), and it idles perfectly at 900rpm all 4 venturis reading 4.8 kg/h ( don't know what that is in real money ) on my cheap and cheerful manometer, and it moves. This is a huge improvement.

However, it's still awful to drive down low... over 3,500rpm it seems much better, but below it's spitting and farting and generally choosing a random 2 cylinders to run on.  I'm not sure how to tune it under load, which is where it's misbehaving.

What next? Please don't make me take the carbs off again!