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 Posted: 10-06-2012 01:54 am
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Having some fun (not) with getting the GT registered for road use. One of the sticking points is a requirement to have seat belts installed in the back. It all relates to the local Design Rules that applied in 1976 when the car was manufactured.

I’ve put in lap belts where the existing bolt holes in the floor pan are, but there is some doubt about if this will be adequate and that three point anchorage and inertia reel type belts might be needed. The Design Rules are as clear as mud to me but as always it's easier to just comply than battle the bureaucracy...

Does anyone have seat belts in the rear? If so, if using a three point anchor can you send me a photo of how/where the 'upper' mounting point is??

Am tempted to just take the rear seat out altogether and just get it licensed to carry two passengers only.