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 Posted: 09-16-2012 05:23 am
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I finally got around to rebuilding my carbs... well trying to as I hadn't actually checked what the carbs were, and took the PO's description as gospel. Anyway, there wasn't much in the dellorto 45 kit that I could use on a pair of DHLA 40's - pretty old ones I think as the serial numbers are 00305 and 00364.

So all I really did was to check the jets were all clean, and tidy them up a bit. One thing that was out of whack was the float level: it was set to about 10mm. I reset it to 15 mm as per the dellorto manual for the 7298.1 float - although I now read that the 907 prefers 17mm. What difference will it make - I won't know for a bit as I'm re-routing all the fuel pipes to come in from the back, not the front of the carbs so I can easily fit an 'original' air filter ( I don't know if it's original or not, I think it's a JH air filter with an Elite air box ). Please tell me if this is a bad idea - I see most come from the front.

The other thing I noticed was that the rear carb uses 55 idle jets on a 7850.3 holder, whereas the front uses a 7850.1 holder. Is this a problem??

Any info on setting these carbs up would be gratefully received. They ran ok until an ignition problem fouled the plugs up - they were NGK BKR5E, now replaced by a shiny new set of BP6ES. Plugs just had a light ( colour and volume ) brown coating on them.

Although saying that,  the car has always used a huge amount of fuel!